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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 13, 2012 12:00am-1:05am PDT

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thank you for watching abc news. we hope you'll check in with "good morning america." for all of us at abc news, good night, america. watch "jimmy" next. kings. martin short. the stanley cup champion l.a. kings. martin short. >> don't you remember! >> i've never been wetter than on this particular show. >> cee lo green. and music from goodie mob. an all-new "jimmy kimmel live,"f
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel with a word about kellogg's crunchy nut cereal. with three delicious varieties, golden honey nut, roasted nut and honey and caramel nut. the only bad choice is not trying one, like our sad little friend guillermo. ♪ >> oh, paco and pepe. we used to have such a fun time at breakfast. do you remember? pepe would do his funny voices, me and paco would do our dances. but now, the spark is gone. que lastima. >> this sounds like a mission for the crunchy nut! [ laughter ]
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>> you broke my wall. >> somebody needs a little nutty! >> why did you break my wall? >> taste! >> mm, sweet and nutty! it's very good. i love it! >> it's super delicious! ♪ so what do you think, pepe? >> si. it's super delicious. >> kellogg's crunchy nut, it's super delicious! for more, go to >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" is back in two minutes the la kings, martin short, cee lo green and music from goodie mob. and the stanley cup champions, the los angeles kings! 110 delicious calories.hip. mmm. good meeting. same time tomorrow? [ female announcer ] find them in the cracker aisle. i see a bag and think... i could have a chip. yeah right. that's why they're called chipsss. [ female announcer ] special k cracker chips.
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don't even want to think about it. ♪ mole rat got it going on ♪ [ male announcer ] portable power on demand. mio energy. mole rat: ♪ hit me >> from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, the stanley cup champion l.a. kings. martin short. cee lo green. and music from goodie mob. with cleto and the cletones.
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and now, no kidding, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. that's very nice. hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching us. all right. i'm glade you're feeling enthusiastic. do we have any hockey fans in the audience? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's good for you guys. our newly found nhl champions the l.a. kings are here right now. most are in the green room. i had them take off the skates so they don't tear up the green room back there. i'm glad they brought the
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stanley cup with them. [ cheers and applause ] guess what, at some point during the show tonight, we're all going to swim in it. there's a great tradition in hockey, each player on the winning team gets the stanley cup for a night. it's similar to what happens in the nba, but instead of a trophy, they get a kardashian sister. [ laughter ] i don't know but the kings, it's been my life long dream to eat fruity pebbles out of the stanley cup. the kings have never won the cup before, a 45-year drought has been ended. i don't know how many care about it, but i do. they packed the staples center last night. everybody was well behaved but you wouldn't know that from the 11:00 news from the fox affiliate. >> they say it was a pretty decent calm celebration. and that celebration continues today and through the week. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: dead is calm. some fans got emotional after
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the kings won. which is understandable, you follow a team for such a long time, sometimes you feel like it's never going to happen. but i thought this guy in particular really did a good job of explaining just how important this victory was for him personally. >> stanley cup champion 2012! >> i've been waiting for this my whole life. they won the cup two times in 1992 with the kings -- it's the best thing i've ever done. >> jimmy: well, hey, let's not get crazy. it's big but -- what you've accomplished on saga genesis, that's something grandchildren will never forget. [ cheers and applause ] the kings have been growing what they called playoff beards. that means they don't shave until the series is over. we set up a shaving station in the green room. a few of the guys have shaved. a lot of the guys have shaved already. look at that. that's a motley crew right there. the team, the whole thing. they're going to be out here in
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a minute. the turning point was when forward steve bernier hammered exudie exudier. asked youier was bleeding. >> rob scuderi -- oh, wow, you really got tackled on the board. there was no way, you were not going to finish this game, was there? >> you have a feeling you're going to be fine. you know your body. i was pretty confident i was coming back. >> jimmy: the zamboni will smooth that out, that will be no problem. [ applause ] if you think about it, the good thing about being face down during a hockey game, you're immediately putting ice on it. [ laughter ] the kings' victory parade is in downtown l.a. on thursday, should you want to go out and show your support. it's a shame they didn't win on saturday because then they could have paired up with the gray pride parade on saturday and killed two birds with one stone.
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father's day is sunday. father's day is the day we congratulate dad by getting mom drunk on wine coolers and getting him a bottle of cologne he doesn't wear. the return of the youtube challenge, from time to time, i enlist you the viewers to do terrible things to your loved ones and send them to me. we issued a very popular challenge for hoalloween last year. i told parents to pretend they ate all the kids' candy, well that went great. >> i ate it, especially the peanut buttercup. >> you! >> jimmy: that's been viewing like 31,000 sometimes on youtube. also on christmas, i asked the parents to give heir kids a crappy gift. here's how that turned out. [ laughter ] >> hey!
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>> hey! >> next time -- >> jimmy: merry christmas to one and all. and we did the reverse one year, mother's day. i asked kids to give their mom a crappy gift. some of you got very creative. >> ahh! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so this weekend in honor of father's day, i'm asking you to surprise your father with one of the things dads love most. a hose. okay. wherever dad is, whatever he's doing, roll a tape, spray him with a hose, upload it to youtube with the title "hey, jimmy kimmel, i sprayed my dad with a hose." try to do this before father's day. try to post this by friday, that way we can include it on the prime time nba pregame show on sunday. wouldn't that be a nice thing for dad to be on tv?
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"hey, jimmy kimmel" i sprayed my dad. a lawyer is asking you to remind all of you not to harm anyone or damage any property or kill your father. lindsay lohan is back in the news and this time it's for something bad. [ laughter ] right. she was driving with her assistant down the pacific coast highway on friday. reportedly smashed her porsche back into the back end of a semitruck. she reportedly reported to police at the scene she wasn't the one driving the car. her assistant said she was driving the car. if she did lie to the police, it would be a probation violation which would mean jail time for her. it might be time to put lindsay lohan in one of those giant hamster balls. let her roll around safely. meanwhile, speaking of hamsters, nude photos of snooki from "jersey shore" have been leaked. would this be classified as a
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leak or an oil spill? [ laughter ] it appears that snooki took photos to send to a boyfriend from her phone, and somehow, they got out. no one has come forward to claim responsibility, i'm guessing al qaeda will pipe up any day now. snooki's publicist confirmed that the photos are indeed authent authentic. this is indeed, we censored it a little bit. "a new movie "rock of ages" tom cruise, alec baldwin, and the parking lot security guard guillermo is there. did you have a good time? >> yeah. why did they call it the black carpet instead of the red carpet? >> because it's cheaper than the red carpet. >> jimmy: here's guillermo at the premiere of "rock of ages."
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>> eye had, it's me guillermo, at the black carpet premiere of "rock of ages." celebrities, i love rock 'n' roll! let's go! ♪ >> i haven't seen my father in about 25 years. it's so good to see you, dad. >> yeah. >> how you been? >> i been okay. you been out of trouble? >> i've been out of trouble, but you haven't been paying mommy any child support at all. >> i send a check, but she doesn't get it? >> the check's in the mail, i guess. i haven't got it. >> can i measure your tongue? >> yes. >> wow, that's long, huh? >> yeah. >> 0 you're "jimmy kimmel live," what happened to the rest of your clothes? >> i don't know, someone stole it on the way here. will you chase them down? >> i will. can i get a kiss.
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>> yes. >> wow. i have a personal question to ask you, will you come to a private place with me? >> that depends. >> yeah? trust me, it will be fine. >> okay. ♪ >> tell me about the '80s? >> what do you want to know about them? >> the '80s were the best year, huh? >> i don't know if they were the best years but they were definitely years. will. >> will you show me? >> my pleasure. >> you ready? >> yeah, i'm ready. >> thank you so much. thank you so much, mr. tom cruise. >> that wig really holds it. >> yeah. >> what are you wearing? >> you like it? >> what's the white powder on
12:16 am
your face? how in character are you? [ speaking foreign language ] >> how come you're so hard to understand? ♪ >> wow, let's hear it for the premiere of "rock of ages." time to go drink whiskey and bang my head. >> jimmy: thank you, guillermo, very well done. tonight on the show martin short is here. cee lo green and his band goodie mob are with us. and we'll be right back with our new stanley cup champions, the la kings. so stick around. ♪ woo! played "pin the tail on the donkey"
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello there. welcome back. tonight on the program, a big program it is on june 29th and 30th you can see them live at the mirage hotel in las vegas, and you can hear him now at the movies in "madagascar 3," martin short is here. and then from "the voice," music and chatting with cee lo green and his band goodie mob from the bud light outdoor stage. [ cheers and applause ] a quick programming note. we have two new fashows on thursday night. at our regular time after "nightline" we'll be joined by jada pinkett smith, matt kemp from the dodgers, and we'll have music from the temper trap. and in primetime thursday, "jimmy kimmel live game night" with joel mchale, mike tyson, and maybe some kardashian sisters sprinkled in. who knows what will happen. [ laughter ] it airs before game 2 in most of the country and after on the west coast. last night at staples center, our next guests capped an improbable post-season run with a decisive victory over the new
12:22 am
jersey devils to win the first title in their franchise history. their long, drunken victory party begins right here on our stage tonight. please welcome, your new stanley cup champions, the los angeles kings. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
12:23 am
>> jimmy: i have to say, all of a sudden, the smell of beer is intense. and i feel like the bachelorette all of a sudden. i really do. first of all, congratulations. welcome, guys. it's great to have you guys here. [ cheers and applause ] what a run. how many of you are drunk right now? show of hands, be honest, come on now. one, two -- i think there are probable a few more. some raised partial hands. so maybe you're half drunk, i guess. who's been celebrating the hardest of the group? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah? >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. i see you got your toronto hat on there, huh? >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: three canadians in the audience tonight. is it true -- you guys had a party last night, right? >> true.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: brought the stanley cup with you. is it true some of the new jersey devils came to your party last night? >> no way. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is this group lying to cover for your opponents. i mean -- would you ever go -- let's say god forbid the devils had would that this party, would you go to their party? >> no. >> jimmy: you're the eighth seed going into the playoffs -- >> you want a sip there, jimmy? >> jimmy: i would like a sip. is it all right? i'm not technically a member of the team. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: trust me. is that all right? you're in charge of this. you guys didn't -- did you? i would love to have a sip out of this thing. i would. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: that's nice.
12:25 am
that is nice. it tastes like victory, i will say. you guys played -- you actually, believe it or not, you played better on the road than you did at home which is an unusual thing but i think i know why. this is the clip now, this is going on at the staples center. now what exactly -- did you guys notice that while you're playing the game? because i certainly did while i was watching the game. it's a porn star that comes to the games, right? >> a big fan. >> jimmy: she's a big fan? [ laughter ] did she join the team celebration. she hasn't been in the cup, has she? [ laughter ] tradition says that each player gets the stanley cup for one day. do any of you have any unusual plans for the cup? anything that you have in mind you've always wanted to do? >> choppering. >> jimmy: choppering somewhere? >> on top of a mountain.
12:26 am
>> jimmy: which mountain? >> it doesn't matter. >> jimmy: you're taking it up to the mountain. do you worry about losing it in the mountain? >> no. >> jimmy: would you worry about getting hit by lightning by the big metal thing on the mountain? who is the cup keeper, by the way, does he have a gun or something. the cup keeper is a guy that the nhl requires go with you or whatever so you don't leave it in the back of the cab like has happened in the past, right? but they also say there's some rules i have here. the cup keeper will be present at all times with the cup to make sure the cup is treated with respect. food cannot be eaten out of the bowl, nor can the cup be lifted by the bowl. only winning players should hoist or drink out of the cup. i've always violated that rule. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: by no standards are i an employee. dustin, you had your kids drinking out of the cup, right? >> this morning.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: you had your kids drinking out of the cup, right? we've got video there. the kids are dressed as superheroes. what are they drinking out of the cup? >> just blowing bubbles. chocolate milk. >> jimmy: is that allowed, the cup keeper -- >> well, he's probably worried about spider-man. >> jimmy: to the kids have any idea what a big deal this is? >> my oldest one, he's been talking tab for as long as the playoffs have started. both of them -- my middle one kissed the cup first thing in the morning, so that's pretty cool. >> jimmy: that's pretty good when it's the stanley cup, but when it's a protective cup, you don't want that. [ laughter ] who is most likely to damage this cup, let's be honest. it's time to point fingers here. >> that's him. >> jimmy: what are you going to do with this cup? >> it's going to be on my back porch. it's going to be unbelievable. by the way, dustin brown looks a
12:28 am
little bit like matt damon. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: but he couldn't make it tonight, unfortunately. has anyone done anything crazy since you guys won? how hard is it when you know you're up, up four goals at one point. are you ready to celebrate, you still have to go out there and play. but is it hard to contain yourself in a situation like that. >> tough, yeah. >> jimmy: yeah? >> very tough. >> jimmy: because you want to just -- potentially, the game is over. do you feel at that point, i notice you guys are still playing hard. there's still a lot of physical activity going on. why is that happening are the devils trying to get elbows at the end. what's going on there in a situation like that? >> a proud team. a proud organization. they're going to play until the final buzzer. so you got to respect that. >> jimmy: yeah, you have to respect that. now, as far as your names all being on the stanley cup, which eventually, they're going to run out of room for the names.
12:29 am
steve bernier of the devils will his name be on the stanley cup also, because he played a pretty big role in helping you guys. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i mean, he did his part. i think he's a free agent, you might want to sign him up next year. what will happen in a situation like that? is that something like your whole life you dread, winding up in a situation where you do something very stupid and wind up potentially costing your team the series, or at least the game? >> tough way to go. >> jimmy: it's a tough way to go. you don't care at all, do you? >> worked for us. >> jimmy: worked for you, yeah. what are you guys planning on doing after the show tonight? do you have a party planned? will you go your separate ways? >> there's a couple buses waiting outside. you just never know where that's going to take us. >> jimmy: you have no idea? >> no.
12:30 am
>> jimmy: may god help the citizens who encounter you tonight. that's all i have to say. congratulations, guys. thank you for bringing the cup here. we appreciate it. your stanley cup champions the los angeles kings. the victory parade and championship rally begins thursday at noon here in downtown los angeles. we'll be right back with martin short. also, get a free flight.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: with cee lo and mob. with the city of los angeles in a rare state of intense hockey euphoria, we thought it would be wise to bring a real live canadian in to calm everyone down. he's one of the funniest people in the history of peopledom, you can hear him now via circus seal in "madagascar 3: europe's most wanted." >> is it dangerous? >> is it dangerous? >> of course, it is dangerous. >> now, are you sure about this. >> i'm sure. >> because as blows up in your face, then you're in the right place. >> si, that means yes. >> ready for launch? >> ready for launch. >> fire in the hole! ♪ >> wait! [ explosion ] >> ahh!
12:36 am
>> jimmy: please welcome the magnificent martin short! [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm thrilled to be here. listen, when i started promoting this show, the first thing i said, i want to appear with the king of late night. >> jimmy: you did? >> yeah. unfortunately, letterman was booked. [ laughter ] so i came here. i was watching the first part of the show, it amazed me, i think it's one of your strengths how you keep your sense of humor so hush-hush. [ laughter ] these guys, these late-night hosts come on, oh, look how funny i am. i'll say something witty. >> jimmy: well, you know --
12:37 am
>> that's your trump card. >> jimmy: my special brand of humility. thank yous for pointing that out. >> first time i realized, you have a band. >> jimmy: i do. what do you think happened here, do you think they'd stolen the instruments? >> i don't know, i just glanced over. >> jimmy: one of the guys in my band is with your entire band, is that true? >> that's true. jeff. the keyboard player. >> jimmy: what do you guys do at the mirage? what do you do? what goes on in the show? >> well, i mean, it's a party with marty, ultimately. >> jimmy: it's a party with marty. you being marty. >> i'm the host of "saturday night live" and the entire cast. i changed the show, it's called "let freedom hum." >> jimmy: i like that. >> mainly it's called "if i
12:38 am
shaved i wouldn't be here." >> jimmy: and you do, i imagine, characters and impersonations. >> i do jiminy. it's multimedia and all the characters show up. he'll ask the hard-hitting questions. these toilets that flush automatically, do we see when they're finished, or is it guessing? you know. [ laughter ] >> why did god give men nipples if we're not supposed to breast-feed our pets? these are questions that people want to know. and franck, you know him? [ applause ] he has no style, like the kardashian sisters, some people are born great, other people have greatness thrust into them. he has it with people. i wish you'd come. >> jimmy: i would love to come. >> why don't you come?
12:39 am
>> jimmy: you've never invited me. >> by the way, you look sensational. is this a little personal, sometimes, i say things that i shouldn't have, but have you had a breast reduction? >> jimmy: just one. i had the one done, it's bigger than the other. but thank you for asking. >> why not say something we're all thinking. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: father's day is on sunday. do they celebrate father's day in canada, or is it some weird like -- >> canadians do everything a little differently. on thanksgiving, we traditionally stuff the turkey through the beak, is that isn't what your country does. on father's day, we bask until dusk, and then there are the parades. >> jimmy: are there parades on father's day? >> not really, no. but i have three children, one of each, and i think -- [ laughter ] no, i think, you know, you have to be a father. there's nothing more rewarding for me than getting a deep
12:40 am
tissue massage while out of the corner of my eye seeing one of my kids getting tutored in math. i think that's the beauty of fatherhood. >> jimmy: it is. >> see, my father is no longer living so i love keeping him alive through my kids where i tell endless stories. i grew up in a house fueled with love. our cousin lived with us and she put out. [ laughter ] but my father -- but my father, he was hilarious, he was irish. >> jimmy: your dad was irish? >> yes, born and raised just in the border of the north. had a slight brogue. marty get down here. being irish it's brrrrrrr! i said, dad, why make that noise, just drink the begin. the ginn.
12:41 am
gin. >> he was a funny guy. he would sip on the weekends, gin and ginger, no ice. then on christmas, then like around, you know, 5:00 p.m., we'd be having dinner. you want dark meat? well, there's dark meat on that damn leg. and only a brain-dead mow ron will cook a 25-pound turkey at 2 1/2 hours at 110. you know, but he was always like showing, you know, i was out on the golf course yesterday with this jewish chap, goldberg or silver or bronstein. i know there was a precious metal involved. he said, have you heard about the blind prostitute, you had to hand it to her. my mother loved that. he loved dirty jokes. >> jimmy: did you like when he told dirty jokes?
12:42 am
>> oh, it was fun. he was really, really funny. everyone in my family was actually funny. >> jimmy: will your kids get you gifts your father's day? >> they do. i love my children. i adore my children. it's so weird. >> jimmy: it's so rare nowadays. i'm fond. >> i actually had dinner with your daughter last night. >> what! you were there, you idiot. hear me out [ bleep ]! [ bleep ] hear he out! you were there! you -- were -- there! idiot, don't you remember, now snap out, for god's sake. >> jimmy: martin short, everyone. >> jimmy: "madagascar 3: europe's most wanted" in 3-d is in theaters now. we'll be right back with cee lo green. ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, if you're just joining you, martin short said he was with my daughter last night. i became enraged, really, really angry. and i attacked him, which i shouldn't have done, i apologize. it's not very hostly to do something like that. then he tried to drown me through my nose and now i'm all wet. i've never been wetter on this particular show. first, the beer, now the water.
12:53 am
who knows what lies ahead. >> jimmy: our next guest is one of the finest judges ever to sit in a red swivel chair. he's also a very talented musician who has reunited with his old band goodie mob for this new single, called "fight to win." please welcome cee lo green. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> jimmy: how are you doing? >> pretty good, how about yourself? >> jimmy: did someone steal your clothes? what's happening to you? usually, you wear very elaborate outfits, today you're wearing a t-shirt. >> i just came to kick it. >> jimmy: i like that necklace you have there. it's a gun. >> thank you. it's a love gun. it kills with kindness. >> jimmy: does it really? does it have trigger action? >> no.
12:54 am
>> jimmy: is that real diamonds? >> it is. >> jimmy: why does it have to be real diamonds? >> from what i hear, a lot of people don't wear real diamonds. >> jimmy: i never wear real diamonds. >> a replica of everything. >> jimmy: yeah, people will kill her or steal her at the mall. have you dressed up elaborately since you were a kid? >> yeah, pretty much. i mean, i remember, there's a character in "dr. doolittle." no, no, "daddy day care." >> jimmy: daddy day care,"? really. >> yeah, like flash gordon. i worry batman underwear. >> jimmy: did you have a cape? >> i did. >> jimmy: did you have a robin that would travel around?
12:55 am
>> not really. >> jimmy: solo batman. you'd wear that everywhere? >> to the mall, the grocery store. >> jimmy: when you say under roos were there tights underit? >> i'd have the underroos but i'd keep the cape out. >> jimmy: i gotcha. do you still dress up on halloween? >> i don't dress up in years. >> jimmy: every day is halloween. your bad, goodie mob, when did you decide to get back together? whose decision was that? >> it was a collective decision. ween ever severed completely. it was a hiatus, if you will. we went out and did separate projects. it took me in a direction, i'm coming back home. pretty much like the kings took the cup home. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: are you a hockey fan
12:56 am
yourself? >> well, i'm a fan of try yampl and victory. >> not a fan of mediocrity and losing? >> no, what i'm saying, i live vicariously through hockey fans. >> jimmy: plus, that beautiful stanley cup will make a beautiful hat for you, mounted on the hood of your car would be nice. that's the ultimate piece of jewelry, isn't it? i'm sorry, i'm soaking wet and now makeup is getting in my eyes. i wear makeup. i'm a grown man that wears makeup. now, you're a big hit. you have a big hit television show. are you comfortable? this chair's okay for you? >> it's not quite as nice as my chair. >> jimmy: you're stroking your cat all the time like some sort of james bond.
12:57 am
but in the early days starting out, what was that like? did you guys have like hard times and a tough road? >> yeah, yeah, i remember some very early shows, they were starting in 1994. a lot of people don't know, my career spanned over the last 20 years. my group, we started as kids. we grew up in the same high school. so, yeah, hoour shows were humb, to be honest. >> jimmy: why? >> we've done everything from charleston, south carolina, maconville, georgia. >> jimmy: playing shows, events? >> yeah, clubs, lounges, we were just getting started. four of us sharing one microphone. or one microphone and somebody had the bobby brown headset from the "my prerogative" video. >> jimmy: you have the nicest
12:58 am
teeth i think i've ever seen in my life. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and those diamonds you have in your teeth, are those permanently adhered to your teeth? >> yeah, they're in there. >> jimmy: do they drill a hole and then screw those in there? or is that superglue they put on? >> yeah, it's a cement. some type of bonding. strong bonding. it's permanent. >> jimmy: if you're eating something, is there any danger you might swallow those? >> no, they're in there for good. >> jimmy: they're in there for good? are you positive about that, i think i would dislodge one and then there would be a horrific search for it, you know? if you did swallow it, would you look for it or just buy a new one? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i love the art on your -- who did this? >> a good friend of mine named duane did it.
12:59 am
>> jimmy: your friend duane, huh? >> yeah. he's an up and coming graphic artist, i gave him an opportunity. >> jimmy: he did a great job with this. duane. what are the names of the other guys in goodie mob? >> t-moe, cugo and big gift. >> jimmy: and you guys got together because you realize you're a group with very weird names. and you have an album coming up? >> yeah, we do have an album coming up. we want to dedicate this song "fight to win" for the kings tonight. >> jimmy: all right. when we come back, music from goodie mob featuring cee lo scene. the jimmy kimmel live
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here now with their first album together in 11 years, it's called "fight to win." goodie mob featuring cee lo green! ♪ find the way stand up straight no debate pushed by hate ♪ ♪ concentrate penetrate generate motivate ♪ ♪ live by faith keep believing i know the reason it's the season ♪
1:03 am
♪ now's the time keep on dreaming keep on leading and keep on fighting ♪ ♪ i am fighting for the liberation of voices with something to say ♪ ♪ like many before me for glory you'll have to stand in harm's way ♪ ♪ i'm no savior just a soldier soldier with an order ♪ ♪ so i have no choice but to trust in god cause it must be done ♪ ♪ my only fear is what might have been if i didn't find your way ♪ ♪ you must try win if i lose then it was worth fighting for ♪ ♪ you must try win if i win i only live to fight again ♪
1:04 am
♪ you must try to win if i lose then it was worth fighting for ♪ ♪ you must try win if i win i only live to fight again ♪ ♪ who are we are they are too ♪ who are we are ♪ can't turn back time to fall through ♪ ♪ can't turn back ♪ who are we are they are too ♪ i can't i'll be there ♪ i'll be fighting right beside you ♪ ♪ fight fight fight ♪ you should be proud for the courage the courage to think out loud ♪ ♪ you'll find your way if you're foolish enough to be faithful ♪ ♪ believe me it won't be easy


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